The Power of Giving: Igniting Change and Transforming Lives

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My father's eldest brother, a prosperous businessman with over 50 dollar stores and an extensive warehouse, was a generous man. I recall one instance when he gifted my father a luxurious, brand-new Mercedes two-door car. My father and I took a ride in it, and he noticed my excitement. When I told him I aspired to have a similar car when I grew up, he seized the opportunity to teach me a valuable lesson.

He explained that we are not on Earth to indulge in its luxurious offerings; instead, our time here is a test for our eternal life that follows. He also taught me the importance of giving to those in need. In our faith, the Holy Quran states that those who give in the name of God are God's business partners. It struck me that if I were to invest equally in a business venture with a partner, neither of us would allow it to fail. Imagine, then, partnering with God, the giver of all; how could any endeavor fail with such a partner? Even if it did, that would be part of God's greater wisdom.

I have lived by this principle ever since, giving wholeheartedly to help families in need, both locally and abroad. Witnessing the smiles on children's faces is a joy that money cannot buy. As my wealth grew, I continued to give without seeking recognition. When making donations, I always requested to remain anonymous, never wanting to show off or seek praise.

If you're starting a brand or a business, remember not to focus solely on status, lifestyle, or luxury. A venture that prioritizes helping others and contributing positively to the world is more likely to succeed.

My father, realizing the car was not the best fit for our family's values, returned it to my uncle the following day. He explained that he did not like it, and in doing so, reinforced the lesson of prioritizing giving to others over material possessions.


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