Collection "4" STORY

Valabasas is proud to announce the arrival of our SS22 collection, and this collection is our best yet! After countless late nights with the team, we believe we’ve finally achieved perfection. To achieve the level of confidence we have in this collection we had to think back to our inspiration for starting Valabasas. The thing that has made us successful is the combination of high-quality denim, and to put it simply, art. That’s when it hit us. The memories, the feeling of wearing an art piece that caught attention, the excitement of being able to own something so sought after for its uniqueness. We remembered the brand that arguably was the best at merging clothing and art. As a teen in the early 2000’s I remember streetwear starting to become somewhat repetitive. Then finally, a spark that became the catalyst for a streetwear revolution. Ed Hardy hit the streets, and everyone was flocking retail stores to try their luck of owning a piece of his work. There was nothing like it. Merging classic American tattoo art with clothing to create something unlike anything else in the market, was unlike anything that had ever been done before. For me it wasn’t the fact that celebrities were wearing it, it wasn’t because it was offered at a price tag that not everyone could afford, what made me so excited to own a piece of Ed Hardy’s work was his uniqueness in a time where unique was an abandoned concept. In this collection we pay homage to the brand that revolutionized streetwear in the early 2000’s while incorporating our art, our Memphis roots, and our quality denim and tees. We can say in confidence that we’ve exceeded even our expectations for this collection. This is Valabasas SS22

more than just denim it's a culture of inspiration!