Born in Memphis, and raised by a first generation Palestinian immigrant who sacrificed his life to give us a better future with values and inspirations. I was among five brothers where loyalty ran in our veins.Our homeage of brother hood was the inspiration for the name "Valabasas". The V in Valabasas   comes from the Roman numeral "V" meaning 5 brothers, and "Alabasas" meaning clothing in the arabic language. "Valabasas" is more than a brand , it represents that when you always put 100% into everything you set out to accomplish, those around you will have no choice but to take notice. That's why to us, every pair of Valabasas is more than just a pair of jeans, it's a promise that you'll be satisfied with the feel , detail ,and, quality of every pair. I wanted Valabasas to inspire a culture of dreamers, entrepreneurs, go getters, and achievers. That's why in every pair of Valabasas jeans, you'll see quotes that inspired me to keep going, in hopes that they will inspire you as well. This is why I do it ! the aspiration behind my brand is to inspire the world , by the simple fact that if five brothers from Memphis ,starting at the bottom ,and devoting hard work and dedication could reach a dream . Nothing is stopping anyone from living out their inspirations. When I first tried to create Valabasas I found one manufacture in L.A. and invested $32,000 to ended up losing everything . At that point I was at my lowest ! Yes I lost all that money. But my father taught me that failure only leads you to success. I just learned $32,000 way's not to do the same mistake again! Right at that moment I decided to put more dedication and less reliance on others to guide my way. My brother and I  took a plane to China and lost our way for weeks just to come back empty handed .It took 3 more stamps on my passport and a year later to have my first sample in the palms of my hand . In life you'll FALL, and you will FAIL .It is your failures that will led you to success! As a father of three, everyday I ask my kids their failures ,and what they've  learned from them. I then encourage them to never give up .A wise man once said "It is better to fail in originality ,than to succeed in imitation". As I always say it's cool to have created a brand ,but what's better than just creating a brand, I am able to build a culture of inspiration "ITS MORE THAN JUST DENIM" To be inspired is great, but to inspire is an honor.

Owner and Designer


Valabasas-Worn to inspire.